Planting New Fields

There were two hard working moms and a dad planting on Mother’s Day weekend!  We put in about 550 new plants in the two beds we have been prepping since last fall.  Over the past four seasons we have been trying to figure out which, of the 26 different cultivars of plants we grow out here, we want to really focus on for oil production as we move forward.  We settled on Lavandula angustifoilia ‘Maillette’ and Lavandula x intermedia ‘Super’ for our larger fields.  Both of these plants have lovely floral fragrances, softer and less champhory than your more commonly found ‘Grosso.’  Our fingers are crossed that we did all of the right things when planting...we have picked many fellow growers’ brains this past winter to learn as much as we can about making these babies thrive.  


Mesha Munyan:

Tell me how your Maillette and Super are doing. Your elevation? Nice photos!
Blessings to you two!

Apr 14, 2021

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