Searching for Spring

As I sit here looking out at yet another inch or two of snow that fell over night, I am beginning to wonder if and when spring is going to arrive here at the ranch?  We had just gotten rid of the last remnants of the 4th largest snow fall in Colorado history...and we knew this was coming.  I am certain, as sure as I am sitting here, that there will be more arriving before we can actually dig in the dirt and put new plants in the ground.  In the meantime, I dream of what is to come this summer.  It is a time of renewal, a fresh start!  

Lucky us, every spring we get a do over!  Our daffodils are up about 3 inches - I can't wait to see the new beauties we planted last fall.  There are a few snowdrops blooming in the grove and pussy willow branches that I cut to bring into the house.  The bees are hard at work finding pollen from fruit trees growing in our neighbor's greenhouse (I felt guilty bringing in the few branches of blooms that I did - oops).  

We are also looking forward to the new garden projects we are taking on this this summer - vegetables, herbs and flowers for cutting!  When I can't take it anymore, I go down to our basement to dig in the dirt and look at the flats of seeds sprouting under grow lights.  If all goes well, there will be beautiful zinnias, celosias, cosmos, nasturtiums, sweet peas, calendulas, dahlias, irises - so many flowers to use both fresh and dried.  The broccoli, tomatoes, onions and many other veggies are off to a great start as well.  The bees will be thrilled with the bee balm, borage and many other pollinator favorites that we are planting and our new chickens will enjoy it all as well! 

So much to look forward to but in the meantime, we wait...  


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